Reading as a pedagogical problem

The aim of the research is to determine the role of reading in the formation of
school culture. In 2015-2019, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of
Azerbaijan held a competition “Literature connoisseurs” with the participation
of students of 8 to 11 grades of secondary schools. The competition was
organized at the school, district (city) and country levels. The school stage was
dedicated to identifying students who have a tendency and interest in reading
fiction and who regularly read examples of Azerbaijani and world literature.
Students answered the relevant questions in the questionnaires (works they read,
their authors, the topic, idea, educational significance of each work, etc.) in
written form. A list of more than 10 students in grades 8 to 9 and more than 15
students in grades 9 to 11 is being prepared. A maximum of 3 (three) students
from each school is selected and their list (name, surname, father’s name, school,
class) is officially submitted to the education department (office) for participation
in the district (city) stage. The district (city) stage of the competition is aimed at
revealing students’ knowledge of Azerbaijani and world literature (classical
literature, twentieth century literature, modern literature, prominent literary
figures and their works, their comparison by creative directions, etc.), the social
nature of the works of art, Tasks were prepared to understand the role of people
in spiritual education, the place they occupy in the history of literature, to study
their independent views on these works and the copies reflected in them. Tasks
were prepared in 2 or more variants with 15 questions, each question was
answered in writing. After the assessment of the tasks on the basis of the relevant
criteria, the result of each student was determined by comparing the two codes.
Based on these results, a ranking table was compiled and the winners were sent
to the national stage. The country stage was organized in Baku with the
participation of students of 8th to 11th grades of secondary schools and was
attended by 93 people in 2016, 111 people in 2017, 110 people in 2018 and 125
people in 2019. The research showed that the recent targeted reforms in the field
of education have also affected the development of children’s reading culture.
The reason for the progress in this work is the change in the philosophy and
methodology of reading. The stages of formation of reading culture and
mathematical-statistical generalization of the results of the country stage of 2019
were also conducted in the research.

Keywords: Reading culture, moral upbringing, intellectual development, extracuriccular work, literary work.

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