Quality Assurance Factor in Competitive Human Capital Index

The article emphasizes the importance of mastering the quality as-surance system in higher education institutions in the direction of developing competitive, sustainable human capital, eliminating theexisting problems in the realization of human capital in the labor mar-ket. It is noted that the development of human capital is one of thebasic conditions for sustainable economic growth. Therefore, a qualityassurance system for competitive human capital must be establishedin conformity with the requirements of the XXI century, and educationalprograms in higher education must be adapted to the requirementsof the labor market. The establishment of a quality assurance systemplays an important role in shaping the international image of highereducation institutions and gaining competitive advantage. In this con-text, quality assurance agencies evaluate the compliance of the ac-tivities of educational institutions and the implementation of educa-tional programs with the requirements of state educational standardsfor each level of education. The article also offers suggestions onfeedback between educational institutions and graduates, the forma-tion of competitive human capital, the establishment of a quality as-surance system in the training of specialists in accordance with therequirements of the XXI century, and the improvement of educationalprograms in specialties.

Keywords: Higher education institution, human capital, quality assurance system in education, international assessment, labor market