Possibilities of Using the Heritage of Nizami Ganjavi in the Educational Process

The article discusses the work done in the field of national education, the possibilities of interdisciplinary integration in teaching the legacy of the world-famous poet Nizami Ganjavi to the young generation. In the process of teaching physics, Nizami Ganjavi’s legacy is based on concrete examples that are an invaluable source. The importance of scientific judgments which can be regarded as an innovation for his period, is stated in the literary work of the thinker poet, as well as in “Khamsa”. The article also explores the possibilities of Nizami Ganjavi’s legacy in the integration of subjects into the educational process. Despite the fact that poetry, arising from the union of science and poem has long been the subject of research, there is still a need for students to benefit from Nizami’s legacy.

Keywords: Nizami Ganjavi, natural sciences, motion, Sun, sky, planet