International Competitiveness of Higher Education Institutions: Rating Methodology

This article examines the history and necessary directions of global, national and profile ranking systems to improve the work of the ranking system in higher education institutions in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main parameters that will ensure compliance in each direction have been identified. Relevant proposals have been prepared to improve the quality of teaching staff and the frequency of citations to their works, employment of graduates and quality indicators in the labor market, the reputation of graduates in the labor market, the percentage of foreign students, leadership in research, the importance of research. Ranking, study of the work on determining the rating system, substantiation of the essence of the concepts by conducting theoretical generalizations, comparison of the quality of higher education institutions are one of the tools to improve the quality of higher education. Problems of formation of the scientifically based methodology, taking into account the current state of higher education, assessment of the quality of higher education and determination of the level of possibility of using the world experience in the field of ratin were raised as a problem, were compared and analyzed at the pedagogical level.

Keywords: Global ranking, national ranking, profile rankings of universities, ranking methodology, THE-QS ranking, ARWU – Shanghai Ranking, H-index