Education Quality Management In Azerbaijan: Problems And Their Solutions

In addition to being one of the important areas, education is also one of the main fields of development of the social life of the population and society. In terms of scale, this sphere of human activity is one of the largest and most diversified in the world. Because nowadays it is difficult to find a second sphere that attracts all segments of society on such a large scale and sustainable development is a priority for each state. The intensive development of innovation processes in the economic, social and political life of each country creates various problems in the management of education at the level of both public and private educational institutions. The study and finding solutions to these problems remains urgent in the education policy of each state. Like many countries, Azerbaijan implements the national education concept, which defines the directions of development for the long-term sustainability and sustainability of education in this direction, and state programs that include the development of all areas of the education system. It is necessary to consider the quality of educationas the main direction, and the quality of education means not only the compliance of students' knowledge with state standards, but also the successful operation of the educational institution itself, as well as the organization of each educator and administrator.

Keywords: Quality of education, education policy, teaching methods, education management