Quality Assurance in Online Education

The article discusses the key factors in the quality of education, current deficiencies in this field and their elimination. It is stated that the main task of education is to provide high-level education that meets modern standards. Information and communication technologies, as well as the stimulation of teachers and students have an important role to play in gaining new opportunities in this area. The article also emphasizes that our country closely cooperates with international organization and as a result of reforms implemented in Azerbaijan, the education system has been brought into line with international standards. It is noted that modern education is an innovative education in all its details. Applied interactive teaching methods, teacher guidance, new approaches to teacher-student relations, curriculum reform characterized by conceptualization, application of new scientific and technical equipment in education and teaching process, assessment reform and innovations in this field, change of content of students and educators, wider use of ICT as a whole serves to innovate education. The author concludes that for the quality of education, everyone must do their part, use a teaching process that meets modern standards, as well as the main factors that affect the quality of education – teachers, parents, students, motivation, leadership, environment, teaching assessment methods and curriculum – should always be in the center of attention.

Keywords: Online education, quality in education, use of new methods, assessment in education, organization of assessment