Training Management Process Through The Use of İnformation and Communication Technologies

The Azerbaijani education system has joined the process of informatization, which plays a key role in the education of the younger generation as the main source of scientific, technical and socio-economic development of society. In order to obtain, store, reuse and protect information, the main goals related to the use of information technology in the educational process have been identified, and many of the planned activities have been implemented. However, there are still problems in this area. As the world experience shows, the informatization of education, which is a rather difficult process, takes some time, so this process is carried out in stages. One of the practical works in the field of integration of information and communication technologies in the education system and modernization of the educational process in the country is the “State Program on informatization of the education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2008-2012” approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2008. In connection with the introduction of distance education in the education system of our country, the article proposes to implement some important tasks in order to improve the quality of this form of education, the formation of a modern information culture and the integration of the national education system into the world education system.

Keywords: Information and communication technologies (ICT), training, education, distance education