Traditional Education İnstitutions of Garabagh in the XVI-XIX Centuries

In the 19th century, the Garabagh region, like all Muslim-Turkish countries under Russian control, underwent a gradual process of modernization. This process manifested itself primarily in the field of education This process, which began with the Russian-Tatar schools opened in Azerbaijan after the occupation of Tsarist Russia, was continued with the national schools opened by the Jadids. As a result, at the beginning  of the twentieth century, a highly influential intellectual group was formed in Garabagh, which made its presence felt in the cultural and social life of Azerbaijan. Throughout history, there have been training centers in the Garabagh region. These centers, operating in the XVI-XIX centuries, played an important role in the scientific,  cultural, social and public development of Garabagh. These traditional educational institutions, which continued to exist even after the Russian occupation, trained many artists in Garabagh along with scientists and writers.

Keywords: Education, foundation, school, madrasa, mosque