Nizami Ganjavi and the Azerbaijani Language

Although the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi wrote his worksin Persian, he  never forgot his nationality. He repeatedly emphasized this in his works, spoke about the people to which he belonged, its spiritual, cultural world, and his historical heroism. Especially the Turkish Azerbaijani words used in his epic works, as well as proverbs, and sayings that embody the artistic thinking of our people and belong only to us, are the most obvious proof that he is Azerbaijani. Observations show that it is probably not a coincidence or the master’s desire to create synonyms that more than a hundred words from the living language are used in the poet’s works. We think that Nizami wanted to break the stereotype of the period “an artist should write in Persian” and show the possibility of writing excellent works with Turkish-Azerbaijani words. This was both a first and a great mission. It is not a coincidence that the Turkish language fiction, which emerged shortly after Nizami, was formed and developed under his influence. Nizami’s thought and word were the main leitmotif of this literature. The study of national words in the works of the poet has great importance in terms of in-depth study of Nizami’s life and historical period, analysis of his poetics, defining the boundaries of his worldview, creating a detailed impression of him.

Keywords: Nizami Ganjavi, Azerbaijani language, Turkish-Azerbaijani words, Turkish languages, dialects