Music Factor in Education and Upbringing
Music has always been great special aesthetic moral way playing great role in development of general cognition, active perception and artificial activity, as well as, in increasing students’ interest in education, and in making learning activity easier for them. The article provides scientific-theoretical, practical recommendations on the means of influencing music learning motivation and other factors to encourage each student to learn both the content of education and teaching strategies. As it is mentioned in the article, modern education methods must be established on the basis of learning students’ passion and expectations on education, that’s to say, the environment should be adapted to the needs and interests of the students, not the students. Study of the psychological impact of music on students' learning and upbringing is more actual issue at the current stage of educationl system. Therefore, this period can be considered as temporary and periodical stage of students’ age, which involve more attention, due to having more positive or negative inclination both in their relationships and treatments.