L.Zade’s legacy and the significance of fuzzy logic in the study of the behavior of humanistic systems

September 6, 2017 in Berkeley (USA, California) at the 97-th year, the
Great scientist of modernity Lotfi Askar Zadeh passed away. In the
person of L.Zade, who is the founder of a number of major scientific
directions in applied mathematics and the theory of artificial intelligence,
world science has suffered an irreparable loss. Professor
L.Zadeh was one of those few scientists whose original ideas are capable
of generating new fundamental scientific paradigms that are
rapidly changing notions about the environment. The world-famous
scientist was brought by his scientific research, which laid the foundations
of the theory of fuzzy sets and linguistic variables. L.Zadeh is
the personal founder of fuzzy logic and the theory of approximate
reasoning, the author of the theory of possibility and the general
theory of uncertainty, the developer of the theory of Z-numbers and
generalized constraints, the founder of granular and soft computing.

Keywords: Humanistic system, linguistic variable, fuzzy set, fuzzy logic

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