The challenges and modern requirements of the students’ english language assessment

One of the most important competencies in students in higher pedagogical
education is the quality of English. Objective assessment of
student achievement is considered one of the modern educational
paradigms in higher education and provides reliable information about
their academic levels. The main factor of this quality is the process of
objective assessment, which correctly determines the level of English
language proficiency. The purpose of this research is to investigate
the problems encountered in the assessment of students' knowledge
and skills in English in higher pedagogical education and to present
the results of the analysis. As assessment is one of the most controversial
areas of teaching, effective research in this area can help solve
problems. 16 students and 5 teachers participated in the survey, short
interviews and open-ended questions were used in the survey. The
questions are aimed at gaining new content in teaching English, the
correct application of assessment types in accordance with the learning
outcomes and the organization of the teacher's methodical work
in continuous assessment. The aim is to identify the problems and
shortcomings faced by students in the assessment process, to briefly
describe new approaches to the assessment of English language
skills, to compare different methods of international practice, to explain
the principles of assessment, new strategies and approaches.

Keywords: Language skills, formative assessment, competence, educational paradigms, curriculum

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