History and current state of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in Azerbaijan

The article provides information on the need to establish the Institute
of Education. The training of national scientific personnel, the history
of the establishment of postgraduate studies, its development and
achievements at the current stage are shown. The historical development
of the institute is studied, its contributions to the history of
school and pedagogical thought of the country are discussed. The
modern globalization process requires the adaptation of people's
thoughts to new realities, the training of a new generation of personnel
who can make operational decisions by analyzing large-scale information.
In this situation, the higher education system performs a special
function. The training of creative-minded specialists capable of
taking the right direction in the conditions of increasing speed of innovative
processes in the information-technological, technical, cultural
spheres of the education policy in the country is a priority. Information
is provided about the leaders of the institute in different years. Brief
details are given about the scientists who have studied and supervised
here since the organization of postgraduate studies. The Institute
deals with the problem of postgraduate, doctoral and thesis training
and brings innovations in this field.

Keywords: Scientific, pedagogical, training of personnel , education, postgraduate, doctorate, dissertation

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