Theory and history of education: trajectory of activity

The article is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Institute of
Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It reflects the attitude to the
scientific research carried out at the institute, including the Department
of Theory and History of Education, one of its leading departments,
and the scientific creativity of the scientists who worked and formed
in this department. The historical path of the department is analyzed
from the scientific and pedagogical point of view and the results of
the researches carried out at the present time are summarized. The
article names Alexander Makovelsky, Boris Komarovsky, Bekir Chobanzade,
Mardan Muradkhanli, Zakaria Mehdizade, Mehdi Mehdizade
and other prominent scientists, noting that they have made great contributions
to the science of pedagogy. It is clear from the research
that research topics on the theory and history of education are devoted
to extremely topical pedagogical problems. In this regard, we draw
attention to the following problems studied: Application of the principle
of development orientation in the learning process; Scientific and
theoretical bases of modernization of education; Optimization of the
training process; Possibilities of realization of innovations with application
of new pedagogical technologies and ICT; Formation of intellectual
property culture in students; General pedagogical issues of
preparation of reserve textbooks; Pedagogical bases of assessment
of student's achievements; Improving the learning environment in
secondary schools; Formation of economic knowledge and skills in
students; Mechanisms for organizing educational work with students,
etc. In general, the research reflects innovative approaches based on
the real needs and requirements of society.

Keywords: Theory and history of education, Institute of Education, pedagogical-psychological researches, methodological problems, innovations in education

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