Factors Forming Students’ Oral Speech Skills in the Cultural Aspect During Foreign Language Teaching

The article is considered to summarize the main target on applying the intercultural communicative competence and emphasize the significance of cultural awareness and oral skills in teaching foreign languages. It is necessary to have cultural competence and practising them to develop students’ world outlook. In a globalizing world, communication between peoples and nations is constantly expanding. In a world of cultural and linguistic diversity, there is a need to apply new approaches to intercultural dialogue. The integration of the concept of intercultural communication into foreign language classes is considered to be an important condition now. Oral speech includes aspects of the culture of the individual and society, the speech behavior of language speakers, the processes involved in the perception and transmission of expressions, the current and potential needs of students, language tools and their implementation in speech.

Keywords: Foreign language teaching, oral speech, cultural communication, role play, discussion, strategic competence