Dear reader!

We are here for you with the second issue of "Azerbaijan Journal of  Educational Studies" in 2021. You can read the journal from the print version or in the online platforms. It is the achievements of science that make this possible. Science, which makes it possible not to stop learning the secrets of nature, is the continuation of education. That is, education and science develop each other, are two infinite sources of nourishment. 
The borders brought by the pandemic can be climbed over with the help of contributions of science, information and communication, use of technologies, distance learning methods. Through which we can continue to learn, and not be disappointed in the time of difficulties. We are absolutely confident that it will be useful and open the way to new horizons, so that we may continue to share those achievements with you.

Be one of those who continue their education with "Azərbaycan Məktəbi"!

Dear Reader! 

We present you the new issues of the "Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies", which has been published since 1924. One of the first names of the journal was “Müəllimə kömək”, meaning "Help to the Teacher". Our name has changed, whereas, our goal has never changed. We have always been and will be with Azerbaijani teachers, education and science community. We will always try to be a beacon to our readers so that our education can keep up with the new challenges of the world. We will take care of the transmission of modern knowledge gained by our science in search of reality to the whole world. Azerbaijan is currently experiencing a period of great return to Karabakh. The huge role of the Azerbaijani education in making this glorious history is undeniable. We are sure that this historic period will be a great return for our journal too!

 Be one of those who follow the path of "Azərbaycan Məktəbi"!