Effective innovations are urgently needed to achieve high-quality learning outcomes. Innovations in education should focus on the strengthening of teaching and learning practices, as well as on securing the interests of students, parents, the community, and its culture. The article inclines to explain the ways to create and implement a base for school innovations, increase the effectiveness of technology innovations in education, and extend the velocity of innovation-based transformations in the education system. The author gives information based on the advanced experience of the World School which has gained popularity with its high results among the innovative educational institutions operating in our country. Ways to implement new teaching methods and educational innovations in secondary schools are being explored to help the preparation of the next generation for the rapidly changing labor market. It is impossible to mention the quality of education without creating decent conditions in line with the implementation of innovations. The creation of the aforementioned conditions makes a significant change in teaching occurs which leads to better student learning. Furthermore, the article discusses the importance of technology innovations, their positive impact on teaching, and their role in developing students' creativity and problem-solving skills.