In the modern age, there are significant and responsible duties on the pedagogical process and teachers who carry it. Progressing the content of the pedagogical process, a correct comprehension of the principal target, essence and the content of training, and taking into consideration several technological aspects of teachers` training and educational activities are of great importance in the implementation of mentioned tasks. The main focus to ensure the productivity of the pedagogical process is based on the issues related to the teacher's organizational and educational skills and implementation of stated abilities. It is safe to say that the pedagogical process can be fulfilled as a complete and holistic process providing that the organizational and educational skills of teachers are strengthened and teachers interact in the pedagogical process at a high level. The productivity of the pedagogical process is too dependent on the activities that require the compatible arrangement of teachers` organizational and educational activities. Implementation of the pedagogical process as a whole system demands several substantial pedagogical skills, competencies, and the professionalism of teachers which can be indicated as an examination, arrangement, forecasting, and performing.