Distance education in Azerbaijan: problems and perspectives

The widespread use of distance education in accordance with the
requirements of modern times allows more people to be involved in
education. Thanks to distance education, people living in remote
villages, people with disabilities, or those who for some reason cannot
continue their education, also get a comfortable education. As in many
higher education institutions of the world this form of education is
widely used in Azerbaijan. Specially in last year this form of education
received much attention. The educational process in general
educational institutions and universities is carried out according to
the relevant programs, developed in accordance with the needs. There
are regularly organized trainings for professors-teachers of distance
education with the participation of foreign experts. In the trainings
there are provided information on a specially created platform, the
methods and technologies used in distance education are considered.
The article discusses the steps taken in the field of distance education,
the work done, as well as the experiences of leading world scientific
centers and their application in educational institutions of Azerbaijan.

Keywords: Azerbaijan, distance education, school, university.

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