Organization of distance education in Azerbaijan

Education, that affects the development of all areas, is considered
one of the most important directions in the successful direction of
society and the achievement of high results through progressive traditions.
Globalization and the information society in the modern world
have necessitated fundamental changes and new strategic approaches
in all spheres of public life, especially in the field of education.
Informatization of society forms a model of distance education, which
is especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. Distance education
is a form of training conducted under the guidance of teachers
in the form of a whole network, integrated into traditional education.
This form of education is carried out with the help of computers and
communication technologies. For this reason, the increase in the
number of people who want to study at a distance causes certain
difficulties. Therefore, one of the main tasks in the study of the potential
of modern science and practice in Azerbaijan is the development of
distance education, motivation of students, quality of education,
methodological and information support of distance learning technologies.

Keywords: Education, distance, computer, form of education, method.

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