Historical Significance of the Ideas of Personality-Orientation and Ways of İnculcatiing Them in the Younger Generation

The article discusses the system of traditional and modern requirements for personality-orientation in the educational process, which is an integral part of socio-economic life, and the issues of its historicalcomparative analysis. In addition to traditional paradigms, judgments are made on the didactic priorities of using the example of national and universal values based on modern trends and arising from the unity of civil society. The most important purpose of the problem investigated is to determine the possibilities of ensuring the orientation of personality in education in our past historical heritage and today in the national spirit of the growing generation, the dynamics of development, humanistic and popular qualities. For this reason, the article also reveals effective ways to benefit from the progressive ideas of Azerbaijani educators on personality education.

Keywords: Humanization of education, education of personalityorientation, perfect personality, humanistic pedagogy