Professor Ahmad Seyidov's research on the formation of pedagogical opinion in the context of “Azerbaijan journal of Educational Studies”

The main purpose of the scientific and pedagogical activity of Doctor
of Pedagogical Sciences, Honored Scientist, Professor Ahmad Seyidov,
who has a special place in the history of development of pedagogical
thought in Azerbaijan, was to study the history of rich pedagogical
ideas of our people. He studied an entire stage of our pedagogical
thought and made invaluable contributions to our national and spiritual
treasury. The great scientist conducted fundamental researches on
Azerbaijani enlighteners: A.Bakikhanov, M.F.Akhundov, M.Sh.Vauzeh,
S.Shirvani, H.Zardabi, M.Fuzuli, F.Kocharli, M.A.Sabir, J.Mammadguluzade.
A.Seyidov, dealing with the history of pedagogy as well as his
theory, has written more than 100 works and articles on these problems,
which are still relevant today. “Azerbaijan Journal of Educational
Studies” occupies one of the central places in the promotion of A.
Seyidov’s scientific and pedagogical ideas. As many prominent scientists
of Azerbaijan, his best researches were published in this journal.
These facts once again shed light on the great role of the journal in
the formation of pedagogical science and pedagogical thought.

Keywords: Pedagogical press, pedagogical thought, pedagogical enlightenment, personality formation, pedagogical theory, classical pedagogy, context, research skills

Azerbaijan Journal of Educational Studies is an academic journal founded by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The journal publishes original articles in the following areas of research: education management; educational philosophy and educational theory; education policy; curriculum; educational technologies; pedagogy; sociology of education; history of education; special education; teacher training; assessment, etc. The journal also includes reviews of books on education published in local and foreign publications.
The journal is among the publications recommended by the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.